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Since T-Bock’s opened in 1994, we have always taken pride in our great food.  We
hand patty all our hamburgers, and cook your meal only after we receive your
order.  We are not a fast-food restaurant, and we know that quality takes a little time;
especially when we are very busy.  If you happen to come when it’s busy, we
encourage you to socialize and relax while you are here.  Enjoy another beer.  We
have the best selection of ice cold tap beers around - 22 of them, as a matter of fact!

Team Service is our philosophy here at T-Bock’s.  We feel you will get better service
and quality food, if our staff all works together to service you.  Therefore, our whole
staff should be able to accommodate your needs while you are visiting us.  

T-Bock’s is not just another sports bar.  We only close five hours a day.  We serve a
great breakfast in the morning.  We serve up awesome burgers, sandwiches, salads,
wraps and appetizers all day long, and provide a place for the locals to go at night to
run into friends.

chose to go 100% smoke-free before the law told us we had to.  We do not
serve hard liquor.  We encourage families with kids and grandparents to dine with
us.  We have party rooms available for private functions.  We are true believers in
giving to charity and those in need.  We love our restaurant, our staff and all our
patrons for coming in.

So, please enjoy your visit.  Relax, have a drink, and joyfully anticipate the best
burger experience you could ever imagine!  And don’t forget to try Janey’s
Cheesecake for dessert!

And, as tradition would state, when you leave and say “Thank you,” our response
will always be…     ”No.  Thank you!”  Thank you for coming in.  Thank you for
having a good time while you were here.  Thank you for telling all your friends about

Cheers to you!

Mike and Dominique Bockman

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