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August 1 Upstairs: Rotary
August 8 Upstairs: Rotary
August 11 Underground: Naley Rehearsal
August 15 Upstairs: Rotary
August 15 Underground: Energy Breakfast
August 16 Underground: DHS Faculty
August 18 Underground: Jackson Rehearsal
August 19 Upstairs: Jackson Reception
August 24 Upstairs: DHS Football
August 26 Upstairs: Kruse Reception
August 26 Underground: Boese Anniversary
August 29 Upstairs: Rotary
August 30 Underground: Dan Marx

September 5 Upstairs: Rotary
September 6 Underground: Zoetis
September 12 Upstairs: Rotary
September 16 Upstairs: Mausich Reception
September 19 Upstairs: Rotary
September 19 Underground: Energy
September 23 Upstairs: Halloway Reception
September 26 Upstairs: Rotary
September 30 Upstairs: DHS Class '77
September 30 Underground: DHS Class '97

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