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June 2 Underground: O'Neil Graduation
June 3 Upstairs: Baakko Reception
June 6 Upstairs: Rotary
June 9 Underground: IA Natural Heritage
June 10 Upstairs: Kephart Reception
June 13 Upstairs: Rotary
June 16 Underground: Private Event
June 17 Upstairs: Zoulek / Thibudeau Reception
June 20 Upstairs: Rotary
June 20 Underground: Energy Breakfast
June 21 Underground: Zoetis

June 21 Underground: Aause Hagen
June 23 Underground: LC Football Reunion
June 24 Underground: Private Event

June 27 Underground: Rotary

June 28 Underground: Aause Hagen

July 1 Upstairs: Moore Reception
July 4 Upstairs: Rotary
July 7 Underground: Luther Wrestling
July 11 Upstairs: Rotary
July 13 Underground: Luther Wrestling
July 14 Upstairs: Private Event
July 18 Upstairs: Rotary
July 18 Underground: Energy Breakfast
July 19 Underground: Luther Wrestling
July 25 Upstairs: Rotary
July 29 Underground: 2011 Class Reunion

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